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Petrol Generators

Standard Open Sets, Silenced and Super Silenced from Europower with Honda Engines

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Standard Open Frame Generators

 Honda petrol engines from Europower, generators available from 2.5 up to 20 kVa

Silenced Petrol Generators

From Europower, single or three phase from 3 - 15kVa with Long Run Fuel Tanks and noise levels as low as 66dBa at 7m.

Europower Super Silenced Petrol Generator

Super Silenced Honda Engine Petrol Generators

From 3 - 15 kVa, unique jerry can refuelling system, noise levels as low as 62dBa at 7m.

Petrol Generators Silenced Standard Generators Europower Super Silenced Three Phase Generator

Three Phase Petrol Generators

Honda engine petrol, open frame, silenced and super silenced generators available

Generators - Super Silent

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Generators - Super Silent